Thank you to all who were able to visit the farm this year!

We certainly appreciate the ability to be a part of your family tradition at this very special time of the year.

It will soon be time to get into the fields again to clean up, plant new seedlings

to replace the trees that were purchased last year and of course start mowing!

We have 3000 seedlings on order so we are planning ahead for that 2025 selling season

 - oh my that seems a long ways away!  Do pray for rain as this has been a very DRY winter.

A big Thank You for your support for the Christmas Spirit Foundation's

"Trees For Troops" program during our 2017 selling season.

We were able to send a check to the CSF for $1,800.00, and most of that came from you, the Customer!

Please do click on the "Trees for Troops" link on our website to see first hand

the joy those dollars helped to provide this past season.

We wish you a wonderful Spring, Summer and Fall and look forward to seeing you again in 2018!

Opening weekend will be November 23rd, 24th and 25th.

Roy and Carol Freeman & furry children Dewey and Hudson



Roy and Carol purchased this 40 acre farm in the rolling hills of Clay County in 1982. The large barn drew them to the property and though it was falling down, the potential was there to give it new life. Today it is the focal point for the tree farm activities..

There were no evergreens on the land at the time but there was a wonderful wooded area that bordered the land on two sides. 25 acres are now planted with scotch and white pines and other varieties including blue and norway spruce and canaan fir.